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The play “Somebody Done Bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church”, is based on a true story of a church bombing that happened in 
Birmingham, Alabama on September 15, 1963, during the Civil Rights Movement. Four young girls were killed.

This play looks back at a time in America’s history when racial injustice lay at the threshold of African American’s doorsteps every day.

The performance takes the audience to Civil Rights meetings, to protests and marches, to school segregation, and to the homes of the four 
girls the Saturday before the church bombing.

The play climaxes with a powerful funeral scene and a heartfelt eulogy by Dr. King that pierces hearts and souls. The emotions from this cast
pour right off the stage. This is an outstanding and moving performance and the moral of this play is Forgiveness.

The play was listed in the Buffalo News Gusto Top Ten Plays in Western New York for 2015.

Marie Hall Mullen

Marie was born in Birmingham, Alabama. In elementary school, she met a little girl whose name was Addie Mae Collins and a 
friendship began. On Sunday, September 15, 1963, Addie and three other girls were killed in the Birmingham church bombing. 
Their deaths and the circumstances surrounding this tragedy have played a tremendous role in Marie’s life and who she really is, 
as a playwright.   

Courtesy of The Buffalo News

More than fifty years later and living in Buffalo, New York, Marie has poured her effort into this poetic reflection on that era-
defining event in the production “Somebody Done Bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church” performed by the  Mt. Olive Baptist 
Church Theater Ministry.  During Marie’s interview with Sarah Collins Rudolph, the only survivor in the ladies’ lounge during the 
explosion, and the sister of her friend Addie, those were the words that Sarah heard 
from outside as she lie on the floor bleeding 
after the church was bombed.  Sarah heard the words “Somebody Done Bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church” from an elderly 
gentleman outside.                              

Marie Hall Mullen

The Project

Our Mission & Vision


The purpose for the play is to inform, educate, and enlighten society about the history and significance of the civil rights struggle in the 
United States. In addition, our mission is to perform the play in Buffalo, New York and raise funds to perform again in 2017 in 
Birmingham, Alabama where the horrific event took place.

The Play

The History

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